Missions And World Evangelism Bible College

Additional Information


image Lecturers at MAWEBCO have either a Bachelors or Masters Degree in Theology or related field. Guest lecturers are equally qualified or have greater experience in their field. All are strong Christians and teach with the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Students meet face to face with the Holy Ghost in the class as the lecturers unfold the tremendous riches of God's Word. MAWEBCO has a teaching staff, led by Dr. Joseph Israel James.

Lecturers from different places have served notably on augmenting and maturing the MAWEBCO program. We are grateful to our members of staff and guest lecturers who travel from different places of Africa to offer their talents and expertise in training MAWEBCO students.

Our lecturers sacrificially teach in the school without pay because most of the students are on scholarship by the school and some of our church members. The little money that comes in from some students is used to produce materials. We have the desire to be giving allowances to the lecturers and help others that need to be helped so they can continue to be encouraged.


image You can be a blessing to the world by giving a scholarship to a student or more by helping us train many students who desire to have proper training to serve God. You can as well join one or two persons to train one person or more to reach the people of Africa and the world for Christ on your behalf. The photograph of the student(s) that you train will be sent to you on request. Many students have desired to be trained in the office of their calling and those on missions as missionaries but we cannot meet the standard of giving scholarships to everybody.


A minimum of a grade (2.0) GCE, OL, GCE AL or GED is necessary for the satisfactory completion of a course. Where the student is not capable of meeting up with the grade, he or she will do a supplementary course that will meet up the standard for the certificate or diploma.


It takes 1500 US Dollars for a student who is studying off campus to pay his tuition and have necessary materials to pass through the school for the period of two years. You can sow a seed of 50, 100 or 200 US Dollars to join others and send missionaries to the remote places of Africa.

If a student from afar is staying with us on campus, the cost will be 3,000 US Dollars as we must provide for all of the student's needs.


Presently, the college has no library. We wish to have one and we ask whosoever loves missions to help us build a good library. Students desire to read and make researches but it is hard presently. We would also like to have study materials from any ministry that wishes to help.


We are using a hired compound for now, and we believe that God will help us to get a permanent place of studies. Either by getting a nice place or by buying land and putting up a structure that can help us train people better. We need your contribution to make this vision a reality.