Missions And World Evangelism Bible College

Admission & Matriculation

Admission to MAWEBCO is based upon four general considerations which may be summarized as follows:

  1. Candidate(s) for admission are required to give evidence of good Christian character, having accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at least one year before enrollment, with a sincere desire to win others to Him.
  2. A call to Christian service, as evidenced by a statement made by the applicant and official endorsement of his/her church leader.
  3. High School Graduation (GCE, O & A Levels) or the equivalent required for admission. In general, preference for admission to the college will be given to applicants with highest academic standing who meet the spiritual qualifications; and those who have acquired a long years experience in the ministerial engagement.
  4. Scholastic preparation - as evidenced by transcripts of work accomplished in other recognized schools, together with such tests and other information as may be required by the Dean of Admission.