Missions And World Evangelism Bible College

The Founder


image Dr. Joseph Israel James is the Founding President of Missions And World Evangelism Bible College (MAWEBCO), Douala, Cameroon, Africa. He is a Nigerian from the state of Abia which is popularly known as "God's Own State." He was lost completely in all manner of evil until Christ met him at age 23 in the month of May 1983 in Bauchi State, in the northern part of Nigeria.

Immediately he gave his life to Christ, and the Lord began to reveal Himself to him. From time to time the presence of God would begin to manifest in his life as he gave himself to the study of the scriptures and gave himself to much prayer, and he was very close to the servant of God in charge of their ministry at that time. The same year he was born again, he went in for 3 months of intensive training among the children teachers at Child Evangelism Training Institute in Bauchi State of Nigeria where he obtained a Certificate in Child Evangelism. After his studies, he humbly started working among the children of the church Gospel Crusaders' Mission in the same Bauchi State of Nigeria by the recommendation of the pastor.

As the call of God was so pronounced in his life, the evidence was seen among all people as there were signs and wonders and much soul winning for the kingdom. He then obeyed and served the Lord full time as the Elders and Deacons had also confirmed what the Lord was doing in his life. The scriptures that burned always in his heart at the time were: John 12:24-26, 15:1-5, 14:12-14. From January 1986 to December 1987, he studied in Trinity College of Ministerial Arts, Aba, Abia State in Nigeria - an official educational unit of International Bible College & Seminary of DeSoto, Missouri, USA - where he obtained his Diploma in Theology. He also found a lady after his heart at the age of 27 and wedded in November 1987. He graduated in December of that same year. After this he entered into pastoral and evangelistic work from January 1988 to December 1989 and served under a church called One Foundation Gospel Mission in a village known as Ojoto, Obofia in Anambra State, Nigeria.

imageNigerian Graduation - 2007

On September 15th, 1989 at about 9:55 AM in a village called Ojoto, Obofia in Anambra State in the eastern part of Nigeria, God spoke to His servant Joseph Israel James that many nations would come under his ministry. (Isaiah 55:3-5) Again in the same year in a field at Bauchi State in the northern part of Nigeria, as he went to visit the ancient city where he gave his life to Christ, the Lord spoke to His servant that he would be going on missions and also that he had to raise an army of missionaries under the name "Missions And World Evangelism Bible College." (MAWEBCO) Isaiah 54:11-14

In February 1990, Dr. Joseph went down to Cameroon to survey the land that the Lord had spoken to him of. Since many churches then had not understood missions, they went at their own charge and labored under much suffering. You can only know about their suffering and all that the Lord did in their lives by reading Dr. James' book entitled "Missions At All Cost." In 1991 at Grand-Hanger in Douala, Cameroon, the Lord spoke to His servant concerning this commission that is on still today, accordingly it was confirmed in Isaiah 42: 6-7 and Luke 5:1-11. With a specific instruction to go and deliver the world from their suffering and to educate them to follow Him.

image Today, Dr. James is the Founder and Bishop of Dominion Faith International Missions which has branches within Cameroon and other parts of Africa. As the Founder of Missions And World Evangelism Bible College (MAWEBCO) he has trained many missionaries and evangelists within his ministry and other denominations and sent them out within and outside of Africa.

As the need began to arise in the ministry, Dr. James saw the need to increase his theological education, he then went in for a Bachelor Degree in Theology under Cornerstone University, Hawaii, USA - Nigerian Campus from 1992 to 1994 while still serving in the ministry. In 1996 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Missions by Union Christian University, Indiana, USA - Nigerian Campus in recognition of his dynamism in training indigenous missionaries for Africa. Recently, in 2004, Kingdom Harvest School of Ministry awarded Dr. James an Honorary Doctorate in Practical Ministry. In addition, Kingdom Harvest Leadership Institute awarded him a Doctorate in Divinity.

Life Coach Institute is an affiliate of MAWEBCO. In 2008, Dr. James had the privilege of being able to attend a graduation ceremony for Life Coach Institute graduates in the USA.

imageLife Coach Graduation in USA - June 2008

Dr. James is the president of Afrique Missions Aflame International Network, Douala, Cameroon, a member of the Association of African Preachers Network International, Aba, Nigeria and an ordination body called Union International Gospel Ministerial Association, (UIGMA) Aba, Nigeria, and Apostolic Alliance, Alabama USA.

Bishop James' insight into the scriptures has changed many lives as he teaches the pure word of God. Many are drawn to these teachings as they experience supernatural breaking of yokes and deliverance from demons. He is a conference speaker, and he has traveled extensively to many parts of Africa like Angola, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Ghana, Republic of Benin, Ivory Coast and Togo for Missions, School of Ministry, Conferences and Seminars. He also runs a program in Radio Bonne Nouvelle which is popularly known as Divine Intervention from 9:15 PM to 10:00 PM.

Dr. James has authored many books and teaching materials that have changed many lives which include "Triumph In The Darkest Hour," "I Refuse To Die," "The Wisdom Bank," and "Rising Beyond Medicotrity."

image Dr. (Mrs) Josephine Nkechi Israel James is the Executive Vice President of MAWEBCO, she was born in February 1966 in a city called Aba, Abia State in Nigeria. The second daughter among the family of 10 children. Before she knew the Lord, she was very religious and loved to be in church with her grandmother. She had always wanted to be a catholic sister, she had a desire to serve God all the days of her life. Josephine gave her life to Christ in 1982 at the age of 17 while in Secondary School.

The Lord spoke to Josephine after her studies about her ministry among the children and the women. She got so interested in children and was trained immediately after her studies in Worldwide Child Evangelism Training Institute, Aba, Abia State, Nigeria she started working among children in their church. She got married in 1987 and started working with her husband as they traveled to many places in Nigeria and other nations of Africa. Later, Rev. Josephine got a Diploma in Theology from Trinity College of Ministerial Arts - an affiliate of International Bible College & Seminary of DeSoto, Missouri, USA. Josephine recently received an Honorary Doctorate in Practical Ministry from Kingdom Harvest School of Ministry, Indiana, USA and a Grand Achiever's Award from MAWEBCO.

image Today Dr. Josephine is a rare servant of Christ and she serves as a missionary and conference speaker with her husband of more than fifteen years, her message is based on Purpose, Wisdom, Dominion and Excellence. Josephine is an author and she has written one of the best-selling books titled "Vision Beyond The Kitchen" which is also translated into the french language, "The Ingredients That Make Marriage Sweet," "How To Get The Best Marriage Partner," and "Marriage Without Tears." She is the presenter of "Marriage Without Tears" on Radio Vie Nouvelle and Family Line on Radio Bonne Nouvelle, Douala Cameroon. She is the Founding President of Unique Women Forum International, having it's headquarters in Douala, Cameroon which is building many marriages today. Her main aim for the family is to have a "Marriage Without Tears" and to have "A Home As A Mini Heaven On Earth." She also leads Royal Women Fellowship International, Women of Class and Missionary Mothers Association International under Dominion Faith International Church where she helps her husband as the Assistant Senior Pastor. She has traveled to several African nations like the Republic of Benin, the Republic of Togo, Gabon, Angola, and Cameroon preaching and teaching the gospel. She is blessed with two wonderful children.